Est. 2011

Software & Consulting Services

Our main expertise is C++ and Qt

We are based in Berlin, but are interested in remote projects worldwide.

References / Testimonials

"Woboq has pretty much become a part of our internal team, helping us with customer projects and our open source sync client. Their Qt and C++ expertise enabled us to greatly improve the sync client's performance and enabled us to react quickly to the wishes of our customers."
- Frank Karlitschek, Founder ownCloud

"We approached Woboq for help with a project with a tight timeline. They responded promptly and immediately impressed us with their understanding of the problem domain. They provided us with a comprehensive solution on time and under budget. We’ve continued to engage them for their expertise and insights. Woboq shows a great commitment to customer satisfaction and are a pleasure to work with.."
- Max Stevens-Guille, CTO ComQi

We developed for, advised and provided services to (excerpt):

Who is Woboq?

We are a software company and can do development and consulting for you. Woboq was founded in 2011 by two ex-Nokia/ex-Trolltech employees Olivier Goffart and Markus Goetz.


You can mail us at right now for inquiries (in English or German).

You can also schedule a call via e-mail.

Check out our consulting offer.

Code Browser by Woboq

Browse C++ source code in the browser with semantic code analysis providing links and tooltips.

Reduce engineering time by enabling faster understanding of code without installing the source code of all dependencies/libraries on each developer's machine!

Web-based Code Browser: Member tooltip Web-based Code Browser: Signals Slots Web-based Code Browser: Macro tooltip is a sample instance that displays the code of several popular open sources libraries.

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