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Our main business is consultancy. We help other companies producing software through our development & consultancy services .

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The Woboq Code Browser

We noticed that there is no way to nicely browse C/C++ code on the web with the same level of comfort as in a dedicated IDE. Therefore we launched our web-based source code browser which features semantic highlighting and tooltips.

The code browser generator is implemented in C++ and uses dynamic analysis using LLVM to get an understanding of the code.

We are hosting the browsable source code of several popular open source projects using the Woboq Code Browser on .
It is our showcase for the Code Browser's features. You can for example use it to browse the Linux Kernel source code or learn about the malloc call implementation.

To save precious disk space and do atomic updates of the website, we use SquashFS.


Verdigris is a library that renders the need for moc in Qt-based projects unnecessary. It can generate all the necessary QMetaObject data using C++ templated constexpr code.

We are offering Verdigris under a three licenses: LGPLv3, GPLv2 and Commercial. Contact us if you have questions.


ocsmount is a macOS desktop app that mounts WebDAV URLs into the macOS file system. It is optimized for usage with ownCloud, but every server speaking WebDAV should work.


moc-ng is a reimplementation of moc using the clang libraries. More about it on the blog.

Qt knowledge on our blog

Not a real product, but still helpful to people. On our blog you can learn interesting things about developing with Qt or how things inside Qt are implemented.

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