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Development and Consulting Services

We have worked with a variety of technologies in our lives. Please have a look at what we can offer.

Our goal is to be unbureaucratic and to help you out FAST.
No long negotiations, contracts or handling time.

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Qt / C++ / QML Development

Woboq's main background is from inside Qt development (formerly by Trolltech/Nokia/Digia, now The Qt Company). Now in 2017, Woboq still has a very good relationship with the Qt people and is actively contributing to Qt.
We have worked on Qt itself for many years, with contribution everywhere within Qt, such as in QtCore, QtWidgets, QML/Quick or QtWebKit/QtWebEngine.

Custom Qt Application Development

We are interested in supporting you in projects related to all major Qt areas (desktop, iOS, Android, embedded). We can help you in all phases of your development cycle, from the architecture design to the actual implementation and debugging.

Performance Improvements

Applications performance is often the number 1 problem. Does your Qt application require optimisations? We have experience in all areas, from graphics/OpenGL to network, from mobile to embedded to desktop.

We can profile your software and will then help you to make run it smoothly.

We are a team of "full stack" developers and can go from the kernel driver upwards to your application (C++, JavaScript and QML).

Bugfixes and Enhancements inside Qt

You can hire Woboq to fix the Qt bugs you want to see fixed, or implement new features inside Qt.

Send us an email with the bug number or a description of your feature, and we will reply with a quote.

We will also help you to get those fixes upstream into Qt

Qt Support (in English, auf Deutsch, en fran├žais)

Often it is easier to have someone guiding you instead of trying to find out everything yourself. If your team spends a lot of time using Qt, we are ready to support you when you most need it.

You can get help via e-mail, IM or voice call.

You can ask us for help with hard to track down issues.

Other Technologies

We can provide software development with POCO C++ Libraries, including the POCOpro Open Services Platform.


Check our references.

Get In Touch

Please contact us if you are interested in engaging us for a project.

Depending on the project we can work remotely or on-site.

E-Mail us now (in English or German)

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