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What we offer

We are offering accounts on our quasselcore.
Stay connected on IRC and never miss a message!


At this time we don't accept new customers.

We accept payments by bank transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.

If you want to know more

If you're interested, please contact us either via e-mail or on #woboquassel on irc.freenode.net. You'll also meet fellow users of our quassel core there.

To stay updated, you can also follow us on Twitter.

About Quassel IRC

Quassel IRC is a distributed IRC client that consists of a quassel core and a quassel client. It offers a similar experience to irssi+screen, smuxi, IrcCloud or rust. It enables you to have persistent IRC with access to your backlog from anywhere.

You can read more on Wikipedia.


Quassel is a distributed IRC client, similar to a proxy/bouncer. However instead of using a regular IRC client, you use a quassel client.

Our quasselcore will connect to IRC for you. You can then connect to the core via


SHA1 Fingerprint=7D:17:4E:76:4C:2F:FC:29:3B:38:8B:92:62:D5:11:23:9B:B1:C2:20



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